Finova Art Collection

Finova Real Estate is proud to present a collaboration with Tung Yue Nang, a Singaporean artist who is famous for painting vibrant and poetic street scenes representing the wonderful Singapore shophouses as central elements of the artworks.

At the age of 15, Tung Yue Nang was taught Chinese painting, calligraphy, seal carving and engraving by its peer, the artist Shi Xiang Tuo. This artistic initiation was the only one he received before beginning his career improving his techniques as an autodidact. He dedicated his life to Art and painted for many years travelling around the world in its quest for inspiration and perfectionism.

The artist has always maintained a strong link to its culture and this reflects in its recognisable artistic sensibility. Over years, the work of the artist became a marriage of traditional Chinese painting with modern and Western influences for a perfect combination and composition.

Finova Real Estate commissioned the artist to paint its iconic shophouses in Singapore to capture their character and presence in the landscape. As an Easter-Egg, the artist has included a member of our staff on some of the paintings. Will you recognise us in the paintings?