Payroll Management Services

This includes: –
• Payroll management services including monthly payroll processing, maintaining annual leave/medical leave records for employees in accordance with the employment contract(s) and relevant regulations in Singapore;
• Generating itemized pay slips as required under the Employment Act; 
• Submission of monthly employees’ contribution details to CPF Board via CPF e-submission;
• Perform month-end and year end CPF reconciliation against the Company’s accounts (if required);
• Prepare and generate the Return of Employee’s Remuneration (“IR8A”) and Details of Employer’s/Employee’s Contribution to CPF (“IR8S”) (where applicable) for all your employees in accordance with S68(2) of the Income Tax Act; and
• Assist the Company in the submission of Employment Income under the Auto Inclusion Scheme (“AIS”) via IRAS e-submission by 1 March.

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